From website to e-mailing, from interactive pdf to animated presentation!


We create smart, animated presentations, catalogs, and any kind of multimedia interactive document.

We can also design, create and manage your website or design your digital direct marketing!

Self-promotion animatic for logo design. We create unique, durable and meaningful logos and the guidelines to help people using them. We can also design custom typographies for your company!


We create your website from scratch and can also maintain it year-long. We can even shoot your stock, put it online and then deliver to you the key for your brand web store! Go online!


A presentation animatic for first line sellers.

Teaser for the launch of the first swiss mechanical Smartwatch Hyetis.


10 seconds animation for the Bijouterie Piguet to say they are open and present their range of brands. Designed for Instagram

30 seconds Instagram animated holidays card designed for the Bijouterie Piguet.


Here is an example of an interactive pdf file created for Firmenich.

From the alphabetical table of contents, we access a molecule and from this molecule, one can return to the same table of contents or access the one where molecules are arranged by scent instead of alphabetical order. Or how to save a lot of time to design a new perfume. Usable on all media (computers, tablet, smartphone)!


We can even animate our illustrations! See our animated greeting cards!


Animation of the FRED photo studio logo

Animation of the Urban Project logo for the ADBR agency